Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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With the bottle of bubbly empty we agreed to call it a night, so I offered to escort her to her room. She smiled, and accepted. As we entered the elevator, an older gentleman grabbed the door just before it closed and squeezed in with us. She nudged me with her elbow and pointed to him with a wink. After we exited, she burst into a laugh then announced that she had a funny to tell me about one of her cases and insisted I listen in her room.


The order to move broke my thoughts and we carried on to reach the rear door of the limo where I had to stand as Kirsten made a start to gathering in the train. It seemed to take forever and I was scared stiff when a car suddenly appeared but passed without detecting us even though Kirsten was between the hotel and the limo with only an armful of bridal train concealing her nakedness to the occupants.

Rachel and her security team entered the lab and found the slave rolled over on the exam table, completely exhausted and sound asleep. Even Rachel was amazed, seeing the exhausted and disheveled look to her boss. Dr Sherry still had a lot of the thick evidence on her lower stomach, pubic area and thighs. She stood, almost dazed, at the head of the exam table slowly putting on a lab coat to cover herself. Rachel and her team moved in and quickly handcuffed the sleeping Ross. Sitting him up on the exam table, he was barely awake when they helped him down.

"Might as well," said Greg sleepily. He closed his eyes, leant back against the sofa while Aida busied herself in the tiny kitchenette making some coffee.

Rose and I found this most amusing, that she wanted to be so clean for the occasion.

“Of course I would, but…..well ……..I don’t think it would work”

I pulled the matching corset and bra over my head and held my breath as it grappled my waist.

Casually I said, "See that willow tree" as we were still a few hundred yards away.

I finally asked him if it was his fantasy to see me with John, the security man or what? He surprised me with a "Yes!" right away. He then asked me if I would really do it. I told him that I wouldn't want to let him fuck me, but that I'd be game for anything else, so I told him to come up with an idea and I'd do it. He had an idea by the next day, and here's how it went.

One evening, in the middle of the night, I heard him wake up and started moaning. I quickly took my underwear off, and massaged my slit real well. It didn't take too long for me to get all squelchy wet. He started really moaning hard, and I couldn't keep quiet any longer as I was really beating my pud hard with two fingers. I was breathing hard, with my legs spread wide open. My clit was stiff and sticking out, and I was working on my pussy real good. Cream was trickling down to my ass, which I rubbed everywhere. As I reached orgasm, my back crawled up against the wall and I banged my head as I moaned, "auuuuugh...god, I'm cumming." I passed out on my bed, as I wiped my cum with the sheets. I gasped upon realizing that my neighbor had suddenly become quiet.

"It is your birthday.." she was talking slow in that southern tone, letting her tongue brush her lips.. "and I know you could really use a good jerk couldn't you. I'm sorry I can't be there tonight to help you out but I have something to make up for it."

I'm simply going mad! I crane my neck and suck a whole petite breast into my mouth as I begin nibbling a hard nipple, biting lightly at it while my fingertips start kneading at her other one.

Then it happened. The vibrator between my legs suddenly went from barely buzzing up to maximum intensity. The change hit me like a blow, and my knees almost buckled. I could feel my nipples get even harder and before I knew it my eyes had closed and a low moan escaped my lips. Reaching out, I steadied myself against the counter and forced myself to ignore the wild sensation between my legs. The woman looked at me as if I had gone crazy, grabbed her man's arm and pulled him away from the desk towards the door. He just stared and let her lead him away. I turned and managed to make it back to my desk as the intensity of the vibrations began to diminish. I felt perspiration on my face and wetness between my legs. I knew I was flushed and hoped that the thong had kept my dress from getting too wet. I couldn't believe how close I'd been to cumming right in front of those two customers. I wondered if anyone else had noticed, but looking around I saw no one. Suddenly, though, Sarah, was standing at my shoulder. She asked if I was OK, I looked all flushed and perspiring. With a little laugh I told her it was just a hot flash, and would pass, though I wanted to go to the ladies and wash my face. She wondered if that was such a good idea, but I ignored her and got up.

"Masochism, you say."

We talked for a minute or two about how his project was coming. I tried to steer the conversation towards comments about how much work he’d been doing. You know, how taxing it must be to move big rocks around and how tired he must be getting. That kind of stuff.

Matt groaned as she fell to her knees, watching his stiff prick disappear between her lips. He couldn't believe he was getting head from his assistant. God she was good! Lowering his hands, he lightly tangled his fingers in her long, red hair, holding her head still as he started thrusting into her mouth. It wasn't going to take much longer, her mouth was like a vise around his aching rod and the dance her tongue was doing on the underside of his cock was driving him wild. He could see that she was getting close too and, suddenly, he wanted to feel her cunt wrapped around his throbbing prick.

Jenny left the room and James walked over to turn off the video camera. Almost immediately the screen came back to life. James was walking away from the camera to a chair positioned side-on to the camera.

At that moment the lights lowered a bit and the music started to slowly, sinuously, play over the sound system All the men on stage were standing and all the women, Raquel included, dropped to their knees in unison.